LiuGong has celebrated its 60th anniversary with the launch of six new products

By MEq December 18, 2018 15:58

LiuGong has celebrated its 60th anniversary with the launch of six new products

To celebrate its 60th anniversary as well as to showcase the outcomes of the endeavor, LiuGong has launched 6 different products: 886H wheel loader; 990F excavator; B170DL bulldozer; 4180D motor grader; TC800C5 truck-mounted crane; and S935 sugarcane harvester during the anniversary celebration. Among which the 886H is the first ever intelligent remote controlled shovel wheel loader.

After 60 years’ development, LiuGong now has 19 product lines including wheel loader, excavator, forklift, bulldozer, pipe layer, motor grader, roller, paver, cold planer, skid steer loader, backhoe loader, aerial working platform, truck crane, lorry mounted crane, off-highway truck, rotary drilling rig, hydraulic diaphragm wall grab, hydraulic diaphragm wall drilling rig, trench cutter & hydraulic cutting and mixing rig.

Wheel Loader – 886H
The Cummins QSM11 engine provides dependable power to the LiuGong 886H. Two working modes of Standard and Economic can be switched easily according to working conditions for additional energy savings. The newly optimized work hydraulic system and power combination increase bucket breakout force and loading capacity. LiuGong 886H has a 309° panoramic cab and has the largest interior space in the Chinese wheel loader ranges. All key buttons are within reach and the control handle can move with the operator’s seat. At the same time, the fully sealed and micro pressurized cab can effectively reduce dust and noise, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the operator.

Last but not least, the 886H is equipped with an intelligent shoveling system. The intelligent loading system senses material penetration; has one bottom loading and dumping; along with bucket auto leveling and controllable placement of the bucket. Intelligent shoveling enables the machine to do shovel independently as long as the driver controls the wheel loader close to the stack. And the operator only needs to lower its arm to carry out the second shoveling operation. The machine is to launch in the domestic market in January 2019.

Excavator – 990F
LiuGong’s 990F is powered by a Cummins EFI engine with a rated power of 447 kW, combined with a 5.6 m3 bucket, making the 990F highly efficient. The machine adopts electronic controlling hydraulic technology, increasing working efficiency and lowering fuel consumption. The bucket is made of Swedish Hardox wear-resistant steel for longer service life. Reinforced short boom and arm allows the 990F work harder for longer.

One of the highlights of the machine is the one-foot operation for straight walking. It changes the way of using two pedals together to drive the machine in a straight line. At the same time, the left-right hand pattern change is easy further improving job efficiency. The cab is designed to protect the operator with FOPS, space to work and reduced noise.

Bulldozer – B170DL
The Cummins engine provides stable power to LiuGong’s B170DL bulldozer with three working modes that can be selected: Power (P) / Standard (S) / Economy (E); meeting different application needs of the customer. The maximum productivity of P mode has increased by 31%, and the minimum fuel consumption of S mode has been reduced by 26%.

LiuGong’s B170DL adopts a modularized transmission system of European technology; the hydraulic system, single handle pilot operation and one-button gear shift allowing for smooth and stable operation. Designed by LiuGong Industry Design Center in the U.K., the overall appearance is exquisite. B170DL has a spacious cab and the operating visibility is greatly improved from both the front and rear increasing an operator’s blind-free spots more than 10°; the multi-functional display board can show the machine’s conditions at a glance. The operator is safeguarded and protected by ROPS / FOPS. The new fuel tank increases the fuel volume by 20% allowing for longer operating hours.

Motor Grader – 4180D
LiuGong’s D-series motor grader’s modular design and adopted platform were designed according to customer requirements. Designed by LiuGong Industry Design Center, the unique five-pillar cab provides a 324° panoramic view for the operator. The new frame structure is stable and reliable and allows for easy access to the gearbox & hydraulic pumps. The machine has a larger articulated steering angle with more flexibility. The new swing frame raises the oil cylinder to optimize the whole machine’s structure and performance.

The structure frame adopts a roller device that is flexible and reliable; the shovel’s conversion angle is controlled by a single cylinder to obtain wider cutting angles, making it more adaptive. The machine is also equipped with a laser automatic leveling device. The turning radius of the front axle is 50°, which is the smallest in the industry.

Crane -TC800C5
Outriggers transverse span of TC800C5 is up to 8 meters and the machine’s total counterweight reaches 15.5 tons resulting in stable and precise control. LiuGong TC800C5 is equipped with five-section U-shaped super-long boom with full extension of 50.2 meters, the longest among the same size class products in the industry. The main boom has been tested more than 10,000 hours and proofed to be safe and reliable.

Electrically controlled variable displacement pump, load sensing valve with post-compensation technology, combined with the advanced slewing system allow stable operation and smooth rotation, making the precision hoisting operation easy and accurate. The new hoist boom cab is spacious and tiltable to observe the environment. With a hoisting monitor, the operator can easily find out the rope’s disorder without step outside. Hoisting remote control is also an option for the users to realize distance control, no blind spots and more convenient. The counterweight can be detached by wireless remote control, making two people’s job to be done by one person. In addition, the chassis is powered by Cummins high-power engine. The Fast 9-dimensional gearbox and large size tires. The maximum speed can reach 85km/h and the maximum gradeability is up to 46°.

By MEq December 18, 2018 15:58

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